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Cable Wakeboarding

We have two straightline cables and five obstacles including two small jumps, a spine kicker, straightbox, and rooftop system. Cable tows have revolutionised the sport of wakeboarding (especially for first time riders and beginners) by ensuring that just one rider is using the cable at any one time. This means the instructor can control the starting and riding speed based on the experience of the person using the system. If you fall into the water then the instructor just stops the carrier and waits for you to get back into the start position! The carrier and line is located well above the rider, which means it is alot easier for beginners to start as the get some vertical lift.

Don't worry if you have never wakeboarded before, as we have everything you need to get started including wetsuits, wakeboards, life vests and helmets. All this equipment and instruction is included in our Beginner Sessions, so you only have to worry about bringing yourself (plus swimming trunks or a swimsuit)! We also have a dedicated changing area complete with hot showers!

About our cables...


Pier Cable

170m long / 145m ride length / two small kickers / runs over the pier so easy to start under cable / perfect for beginners & first time riders


Bay Cable:

170m long / 150m ride length / straight box, spine kicker & rooftop system / perfect for intermediate & advanced riders / can be used by beginners too

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"Great to see this facility at Chasewater! Both our boys loved it, and we will defintely be back again. This time I will try too!" Lee Crane.

"Thanks for a great birthday party for Issi and her friends. They all had a fantastic time and some of them want their party here next year." Emma Bryon


"I thought i loved snowboarding, but this is such a fun sport. Im addicted already! Cant wait for the 2014 season." Rob Steele


Learn to Wakeboard Lesson (60 mins with 30 mins of cable time on water): £32.50pp adult, £24.50pp students & u16's (including wetsuit, board hire, impact vest, helmet, & all instruction)


General Wakeboarding Session (15 mins solo cable time on the water): £17.50pp adult, £14.50pp students & u16's (includes instruction. Wetsuit & Board Hire £3.00 each)


Jam Night (3 hours shared with up to 5 others): £15pp Members £6 bolt on (Excludes Wetsuit & Board Hire £3.00 each)


u16's Wake Academy (2 hours shared with up to 3 others): £25pp (including wetsuit, board hire, impact vest, helmet, & instruction)